An Essay about McSweeney's Quarterly

Posted on by Jordan Hurder

It should come as little surprise to the legions of followers of my book collecting blog that I am a gigantic fan of Dave Eggers and McSweeney’s Quarterly.  Well, thankfully to those of us who live in the Bay Area, Eggers appears at bookstores fairly frequently, and he always graciously signs the absurd stacks of books that I bring.

I was feeling “industrious” (Justine’s word) last night, so I decided to tweak a blog post about McSweeney’s that I wrote a couple years ago and print it out to make a little chapbook to give Eggers as a thank-you for his numerous signings, and as a tribute/fan letter to McSweeney’s.  I thought I would do it as simply as possible, but I got swept up in the project, hence the cover pastedown, rounded corners, vellum endpapers, etc.

This book is not for sale, and only five copies were produced.  The cover is linen cardstock, and the interior is printed on some leftover textured paper we had from the Steve Hines book.  Each one is hand sewn, and the corners were rounded page-by-page with a little rounding punch, since we still haven’t gotten around to buying a real corner rounding press.

Because we love getting emails, you can email us if you are interested in the book.  We haven’t decided what to do with the remaining three copies, but if giving them away turns from a possibility into a definite course of action, it certainly won’t hurt your chances of getting one to send us a friendly hello.

Pictures are available in the "Books, 2008-2009" gallery.