Adventures in Search Results

Posted on by Jordan Hurder

Someone found our site today by googling “What is the opposite of lipogrammatic?”  Hopefully this person was intrigued enough about our Oulipo project to bookmark the site and come back when it’s done to buy a copy.  Thinking about it, though, it occurred to me that very few Oulipian techniques actually *add* something to the text.  They either change something that’s already there (often picking what words to change based on a mathematical formula) or the construction of the text itself is based on some sort of combinatorial principle.  But Larding is one of the only techniques I know of (although I’m sure others are out there) that requires the author to augment a text that already exists in order to create a new, longer text.  So, in a way, finding the Chance Press site may have answered this person’s question.  Hooray!