A Common Thread: The Poetry of 
March 2009  - OUT OF PRINT

Confronting and Collecting the Works of Luigi Serafini by Jordan Hurder 
June 2009 - OUT OF PRINT, Second Edtition, March 2010

The Confusion will be Enough for them to Leave you Alone by Stephen Hines
August 2009

No. 2236 Flying Wedge by Michael Phillips
November, 2009

Too Powerful a Thing to Reject: Charles Bukowski’s Transition Years, 1945-1957 by Abel Debritto
March 2010

Tirez a la ligne, Celine by Stephen Hines & Jordan Hurder
June 2010

Sketches by Carol Es
September 2010

Sequin Soul by Joan Jobe Smith
December 2010

Stiff Breeze by Barry Lutz
December 2010

Acontextual Drawings by Abbigail McCracken
December 2010

Scribbles in a Sandstorm by Carol Es
January 2011 - OUT OF PRINT

The Daily Forlorn by Paul Hornschemeier
October 2011

Furlqump by Brett Harder
October 2011

Some are Young and Some are Free by Skinner
October 2011

The Escapist Small Press Fest Anthology edited by Jordan Hurder
September 2012

A Chance Press Sampler
October 2012