We're silly.

Posted on by Jordan Hurder

According to this book collecting blog, it is "silly" to designate a small number of limited edition copies out of an already small print run, and the writer kindly cites our book of poems by Joan Jobe Smith as an example. It's just something publishers do to generate extra money from their stupid collectors who actually care about crap like limited edition books. I've heard this before, and it never gets old, believe me. Thanks for your normative statements, blog writer. Let's not forget that the $10 we charged for the book pictured in the article just about paid for the fancy paper the book was bound in. We're really living large on the backs of our collectors, we are. Still, we've realized that we should stop being silly, and all further releases from Chance Press will be printed in large runs in economically priced editions, since we wouldn't want to defraud collectors by making our books "artificially scarce."