Signs of Life!

Posted on by Jordan Hurder

So Justine and I are back from our two-week honeymoon in New Zealand, and we’re ready to make books again!  We’re about halfway through binding up the Larding books, and once we have the signed pages back from Steve Hines, we’ll be just about ready to list them for sale.  We sat down and figured it out today, and the final stat is that, when you add up the total amount of time we will have spent on the deluxe edition of this book, each copy from conception to finished product will have taken us between 4 and 5 hours (and that doesn’t include the time spent actually planning out the book in the first place).  Spread that out over 22 copies and you’ve got a pretty big workload for what’s supposed to be a “hobby.”

In other exciting news, work has started on both the Paul Hornschemeier book and the Carol Es book.  I put a mockup in the mail today for Paul, who is working on the artwork right now.  We’re going to start prework while he does that, and then we can get to printing and binding in August/September.  We had originally scheduled to start production on Carol’s book *after* Paul’s is officially released at the Alternative Press Expo in October, but it turns out that Carol has a solo show at a highfalutin’ gallery in LA in late October and she requested that some copies of her book be done by then.  So, we’re pushing into overdrive and trying to get both of them done by then (although the true release date for Carol’s book probably won’t be until 2011, with only a handful of pre-release copies making it to the gallery opening).