Scribbles in a Sandstorm - THE FINAL BATTLE

Posted on by Jordan Hurder

Well, the first batch of these will be ready for sale through Carol’s gallery in mere weeks.  I’m just putting the finishing touches on the ones that will be sent to the gallery, as well as trying to get one ready for Carol to keep (instead of making her wait and wait and wait for a copy to call her own… starving artist indeed!).  The following photos show the items that weren’t ready yet the last time I shot pictures.  Excuse the poor quality photos – it’s late, and there’s no natural light right now, but I just can’t wait to share!

One note on availability – if you want one of these direct from us, PLEASE get in touch with us prior to Carol’s show.  Once they go to the gallery, we won’t be able to sell any copies at the pre-order price, and we have a huge backlog of other projects that need some attention before I can come back to this book to make the rest of the copies that we’ll offer for general sale.  Also, if the copies sell well at the gallery, they have first dibs on additional copies, so there is a possibility (not too likely, but it’s there) that we won’t have ANY to sell except the ones that people claimed on pre-order.  If you want to chance it (pun intended), I’m guessing I’ll probably have the rest of the edition done sometime in February.

And – for anyone interested in the deluxe edition – we only have 3 copies available to sell at the pre-order price.