Chance Press News in Brief

Posted on by Jordan Hurder

In a clear sign of poetry’s resurgence, the fifteenth person bought a deluxe copy of The Confusion will be Enough for them to Leave you Alone by Stephen Hines, rather than spending the money on 1/7th of an XBOX 360. Also, the fact that this book sold out fairly quickly should motivate you to do two things so that you never miss out on gems like this ever again:

a) buy a deluxe copy of MJP’s chapbook for the insanely low price of $20

b) email us at books (at) chancepress (dot) com to get on the waiting list for the deluxe edition of the Larding chapbook, which will be limited to 18 copies and cost around $40 (price still TBD)

Also, keep an eye on this blog, since we are about a week away from announcing a brand new project that will be released sometime this Spring, as well as our plans for the 2nd edition of the Serafini chapbook.